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Hall Effect Speed and Gear Tooth Sensor ICs

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Hall Effect Switch IC with Dual Outputs
Part number Supply voltage Supply current Operating point Release point Hysteresis Operating temperature Package/Size
CYD8526 (New) 3.5V ~ 24V 2mA~6mA 7mT~13mT -13mT~-7mT 20mT -40C ~ +150C 4-pin SIP
CYD8536 (New) 2.8V ~ 24V 1.8mA ~ 4.5mA 0.5mT ~ 3.5mT -3.5mT ~ -0.5mT 4.0mT -40C ~ +150C 4-pin SIP
CYD8546 (New) 2.5V ~ 24V 1.5mA ~ 4.5mA 1.0mT ~ 3.0mT -3.0mT ~ -1.0mT 4.0mT -40C ~ +150C 4-pin SIP

Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensor ICs
Part number Bias Magnetic field Output Signal Sensing gap Max. Rise/Fall time Operating temperature Power supply Package/Size
CYGTS9621 (new) -500mT ~ 500mT Single NPN Voltage 0.2~2.2mm 0.2s/0.2s -40C ~ +150C 3.8~24VDC SIP4 / 5.13 x 3.6 x 1.6mm
CYGTS9625 (new) -500mT ~ 500mT Single NPN Voltage 0.2~2.0mm 0.2s/0.2s -40C ~ +150C 3.8~24VDC SIP4 / 5.13 x 3.6 x 1.6mm
CYGTS9632 (new) -500mT ~ 500mT Dual Quadrature Outputs 0.2~2.0mm 0.4s/0.35s -40C ~ +150C 3.8~24VDC SIP4 / 5.13 x 3.6 x 1.6mm
CYGTS9633 (new) -500mT ~ 500mT Dual Quadrature Outputs 0.2~2.0mm 0.4s/0.35s -40C ~ +150C 3.8~24VDC SIP4 / 5.13 x 3.6 x 1.6mm
CYGTS9641 (new) -500mT ~ 500mT Two-wire current output 0.2~2.2mm 0.4s/0.35s -40C ~ +150C 3.8~24VDC SIP2 / 5.25 x 3.5 x 1.0mm
CYGTS9801 100~400mT Single NPN Voltage 1~3mm 0.4s/0.4s -40C ~ +150C 4.0~30VDC SIP3/4.0x3.0x1.5mm
CYGTS9802 100~400mT Complementary Voltage Outputs 1~3mm 0.4s/0.4s -40C ~ +150C 4.0~30VDC SIP4/5.22x3.65x1.55mm
CYGTS9803 100~400mT Dual-Channel Outputs 1~3mm 0.4s/0.4s -40C ~ +150C 4.0~30VDC SIP4/5.13x3.6x1.6mm
CYGTS9804 100~400mT Two-wire,Current Output 1~3mm 0.4s/0.4s -40C ~ +150C 4.0~30VDC SIP4/5.22x3.65x1.55mm

Hall Effect Linear Sensor/Element and Switch ICs

Hall Linear ICs & Elements
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