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Hall Effect Sensors/Transducers & Elements

Hall Effect ICs and Elements
  • Hall Effect elements
  • SMD Hall switch ICs
  • Linear Hall Effect ICs
  • Low consumption digital ICs...

Hall Current Sensors
  • Input current range 10mA - 25000A
  • Various case styles with different windows
  • Compact design for PCB-DIP mounting
  • High reliability, excellent output tolerance.

Hall Voltage Sensors
  • Voltage range 10V - 2500V
  • Various case styles
  • Very good linearity (0.2%)
  • High reliability, excellent output tolerance.

Hall Effect Vane Sensors
  • Automotive shaft position monitoring
  • International standard and features
  • Narrow temperature drifting
  • Applications to engines and machines...

Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensors
  • Camshaft position sensors
  • Active crankshaft position sensors
  • Pulse speed and mile sensors
  • Wheel speed sensors...

Hall Proximity Switches
  • High frequency response
  • High repeatability
  • Various kinds of output modes
  • Applications to speed/position controls.

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