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Hall Effect Proximity Switches/Sensors

A Hall Effect proximity switch is a non-contact electronic switch, which consist of a permanent magnet or ferromagnetic part as trigger intermediary and a Hall Effect sensor IC. The Hall sensor IC detects the change of the magnet field when the permanent magnet comes in the close proximity to it and generates an electric signal. This signal is amplified and rectified to control the output signal of the switch.

Compared with magneto-electric, optoelectronic and capacitive proximity switches, Hall proximity switches have the advantages of good output wave shape, high stability, low costs, unaffected by oil, dirt and vibration, and wide operating temperature etc. They are very suitable for integrating in PC systems and various kinds of industrial control equipments, and are optimal switches for position control, speed measurement, counting, direction detection and automatic protection etc.

Product and Application Information of Hall Effect Proximity Switches (PDF 256kB)

General Properties
Ambient temperature: -25C/-40C ~ +125C Ambient humidity: 35% ~ 95%
Max. supply current: 25mA Reverse supply voltage: -35V
Frequency range: 0 ~ 50KHz Position repeatability: 0.02mm
Overcurrent indication: Red LED Sensing object: Magnet S-pole
Max. output current: 20mA – 200mA Power supply: 5 – 30V
Max. sensing distance: 8mm Max. voltage drop: 0.4V – 1.0V
Isolation voltage: AC 1500V, 50/60Hz,1min Case material: Brass, chrome plated
Polarity/Surge protection: Yes Output short protection: Yes

Examples of Hall Proximity Switches
Case style Part number Output type Power supply Output current Dimensions Cable length
CYKN8-02CL0 OC, NPN, open, single +4.5V ~ +24V DC 20mA M8 x 20mm 0.65m
CYKP8-02CL0 OC, PNP, open, single +4.5V ~ +24V DC 20mA M8 x 15-20mm 0.65m
CYKN8-20DL2 OC, NPN, open, single +8V ~ +30V DC 200mA M12 x 40mm 0.5m, max. 2m
CYBN8-20DL2 OC, NPN, closed, single +8V ~ +30V DC 200mA M12 x 40mm 0.5m, max. 2m
CYKP8-20DL2 OC, PNP, open, single +8V ~ +30V DC 200mA M12 x 40mm 0.5m, max. 2m
CYBP8-20DL2 OC, PNP, closed, single +8V ~ +30V DC 200mA M12 x 40mm 0.5m, max. 2m

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